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Cloud Technology Integrators Incorporated
CTIntegrators, Inc.
  Delivering IT to the Mobile Workforce
What to Do on the Equifax Data Breach
Core Assets
  • Strategic Planning
  • Employee Cyber Training
  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Design
  • Engineering & Integration
  • Testing & Evaluation
  • Acquisition & Maintenance
Cyber Security
CTIntegrators mission is to bring the best of Communications and Cloud Computing to the SMB market and the mobile workforce.

CTIntegrators provides objective planning, professional analysis, and strategic recommendations with interoperable solutions focused on cost and security.
  Cyber Security  
  Cyber Security has taken center stage in virtually all IT discussion since it applies to every aspect of our cyber world. Ransomware has forced us to make sure we do things much more carefully. CTIntegrators has made a new employee program available to all local business. Our Cyber Security Training for employees helps level the playing field and is your first line of defense against unwanted intrusions. Learn More >  
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CTIntegrators, Inc. brings over 25 years of IT and communications experience to assist your small to medium size business. CTIntegrators is a strategic partner, working for your business as your in-house MIS staff or to complement your current IT department. CTIntegrators can assist your company with important computer, communications, telephony, networking, Internet and Cloud decisions.