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Potential Impact Do you know if you were affected by the Equifax breach? Use the link on the left to check your status. Even if you were not, you still may want to be proactive.
  Many reading this may have already been affected by the OPM, or Home Depot breaches and have credit monitoring. Unfortunately, monitoring is after-the-fact. 
  There are many services like Lifelock that are designed to protect you before the breach. Surprisingly, even Equifax has a credit monitoring system. Wonder if those members were protected?
  Here we will have you take matters into your own hands. CTIntegrators is not a credit service or financial service, but we do know a bit about security and believe the following information with links DIRECTLY to the information sites, will point you in the right direction.
About This Page
The Equifax data breach had 150 million people wondering if they were part of the stolen files and how to cope.

What we have tried to do here is provide a complete review of what to do no matter what your circumstance.

The links on this page provide references to help you execute an action plan for you and your family.

CTI will update this page as we find more great and useful sites!

Link Credit Tools
Edelman The first step is to understand the situation and get a good overview. This link to Rick Edelman's site does just that. Rick is a well regarded financial advisor, with years of working with regular people, to help achieve their goals.
Credit Report The first step is to access the free credit report that is entitled to you once per year per credit bureau. Thank a 2003 law known as FACTA for this right. AnnualCreditReport.com is the only website you'll ever see government officials recommend for this purpose. Knowing where you stand today, will help if there is a problem in the future.
  To Freeze or not? What is the difference between Freeze and Lock?
You can call the credit agencies and they will ask for your personal information including your name, address, date of birth and Social Security number. Once you've supplied those and frozen your credit report, nobody except your existing lenders, or their debt collectors, will be able to see it, according to federal regulators. The only other entities that are allowed to see your credit report at this point are government agencies carrying out a search warrant or subpoena and yourself. We have included links to the web sites where you can use the online method. (check that HTTPS is used)
The easiest and fastest way to place a security freeze on your Equifax credit file is the online process found at the link on the left. Equifax now says it is temporarily allowing customers to freeze their credit reports for free.

US Rates
Read everything on this page. Then follow through.
Typical freeze charges of $5 to $10 are normal. Experian then provides you a PIN that you can use to temporarily unlock your account (no charge) or you can provide it to your creditor for a one shot use. (at no charge) They also provide a nice rate chart for standard fees. These are legislated by state.
TransUnion, lets you choose between Lock and Freeze. Using their TrueIdentity plan helps you stay in control with 1-Touch Credit Lock, and stay informed with UNLIMITED TransUnion Credit report refreshes and timely alerts. And it’s 100% free.
A Credit Freeze with TransUnion, will cost you some money, take some time and require another payment to thaw (unfreeze). Seems like using the TrueIdentity plan is the way to go here.
  Why didn't we all know to freeze our credit files before?
This will frustrate thieves when they try to open new credit in your name. But it's up to you to review your current accounts.
Link Research & Information Sites
FTC.gov Great information on a variety of protection topics provided by the Federal Trade Commission. This link goes right to identity theft.
IdentityTheft.gov This is part of Federal Trade Commission and is a new website just to help you recover, if your identity has been stolen.
Steps Even if your Identity is not yet stolen, this page outlines a complete plan to recover. Sometimes, knowing what you need to do after, can help you prepare BEFORE. This is an EXCELLENT resource.
CTintegrators can assist your company with setting up a comprehensive plan to prevent or recover from an attack or breach.
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Disclaimer: CTIntegrators is not responsible for the content or effectiveness of the websites listed. If you are employed by a company, we urge you to work with their IT department on links of interest to get them approved or find a suitable solution. Please do not load unauthorized software on company equipment.