Regulatory Inclusions

Certain services provided by CTIntegrators and its suppliers fall in the areas regulated by federal and/or state laws. 

Below are links to documents we required to share explaining how those services are regulated, operated and taxed.

CTI News

Privacy Policy

Legal Notice

Service Notices


CTIntegrators ins NOT a regulated CLEC, but resells servises as a broker for federally regulated services such as Intermedia. 
CTIntegrators is responsible for collection of taxes and fees and provides billing and system management.

Service Agreements and Details

CTIntegrators Elevate phone service is provided to you, depending on the state where you receive service, pursuant to tariffs on file with state public utilities commissions or a state Telephone Service Guide.

Interstate and international services are offered under the following terms and conditions.

Elevate Customer Service Agreement
Elevate Terms of Service - Exhibit A
Elevate Acceptable Use Policy
Intermedia Cloud-Voice SLA

Additional Tariff and Regulatory Links

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